ENDONORM®, a new Herbal supplement for the treatment of thyroid diseases

In 2001, Fitopanacea investigators and other specialists began research and development to create a totally new agent for the treatment of thyroid diseases.

These activities included investigation and analysis of all known means and methods for the treatment of thyroid diseases, including fold and untraditional ones. As a result, a plant with a unique thyrotropic activity, white cinquefoil (Potentilla alba L.), was identified in the Russian flora.

White cinquefoil is a plant well known in the folk medicine of Russia. Its medicinal forms are recommended as a means to treat various diseases, including treatment of the following thyroid dysfunctions:

  • hypothyroidism (insufficient thyroid function);
  • autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto thyroiditis, chronic autoimmune thyroiditis);
  • euthyroid goitre (diffuse, nodular / multinodular);
  • thyroid hyperplasia.

Further comprehensive investigation of the white cinquefoil undertaken by Fitopanacea specialists led to a discovery of international novelty. In 2005, our researchers isolated and described a new, previously unknown chemical substance, Аlbinin®. Studies revealed that this substance has a significant effect on the thyroid.

We subsequently conducted detailed chemical and pharmacological investigation of this substance, determined its mechanisms of action, and identified its points of application in the human body (molecular targets etc.).

The completed studies resulted in the development of the original, unparalleled in the non-pharmaceutical market, biologic ENDONORM®. This is a new-generation thyrotropic and gonadotropic agent with the maximum spectrum of therapeutic activity.

ENDONORM® is an ABSOLUTELY NATURAL SUPPLEMENT, 100% plant-derived. The main active component of ENDONORM® is the substance called Albinin® that has been isolated from white cinquefoil roots extract; this rare plant (Potentilla alba L.) is included in the Red Data Books of Russia.
Therefore, common use of white cinquefoil-derived raw materials in the non-pharmaceutical industry was unfeasible due to the extremely rare occurrence of these materials in wild nature.

So researchers and other specialists of our company have developed an optimal agricultural technology to grow white cinquefoil (using only organic fertilizers, without any pesticides or chemicals), which has allowed launching of a mass production and processing of this unique medicinal plant.

Description of the thyrotropic product ENDONORM®

The manufacture of ENDONORM® is based on use of a whole range of patented know-how’s and unique technologies. All of this allows to obtain a product of uncompromisingly high quality.

ENDONORM® is a mixture of dry vegetable extracts of white cinquefoil, beggars-ticks, liquorice and Laminaria. The white cinquefoil roots extract standardized by the content of the Аlbinin® substance is the main active component of the product, while other components augment and modulate the effects of the main component.

Thanks to the biochemical characteristics of every ENDONORM® component, their effects are additive in the treatment of diseases of the thyroid and the female reproductive system.

Studies conducted by Fitopanacea specialists have demonstrated that Аlbinin® contained in white cinquefoil (Potentilla alba L.) affects the production of thyrotropic hormone in the anterior pituitary, normalizes the morphological structure of thyroid tissue, and returns the thyroid to the normal, euthyroid state.

The glycyrrhetinic acids of liquorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra L.) normalize functions of the adrenals, immune and reproductive systems, and restore hormonal balance in the human body. The iridoids and phenylpropanoids found in beggars-ticks (Bidens tripartita L.) exhibit immunomodulating activity and allow achievement of the maximum therapeutic effect in patients with diffuse toxic goitre or autoimmune thyroiditis.

Laminaria (Laminaria saccharina L.) can normalize thyroid tissue biochemistry thanks to the presence of iodine-tyrosine derivatives and its broad spectrum of macro- and micronutrients.

Every container of ENDONORM® contains 60 or 90 capsules that have the following composition:

Major distinctive features of ENDONORM® include:

  1. It is the supplement (!) for treatment of diseases that could not previously be treated with pharmacological   or other conservative therapy at allnodular / multinodular goitre and autoimmune thyroiditis;
  2. It is a non-hormonal, absolutely natural agent, 100% plant-derived;
  3. Treatment is safe – no serious adverse effects develop;
  4. Does not necessitate lifelong administration. After a successful course of treatment, the thyroid can produce on its own a normal amount of thyroid hormones required by the body;
  5. Returns own thyroid function back to normal – the thyroid begins producing a normal amount of thyroid hormones as required by the body;
  6. Restores the morphological structure (tissue) of the thyroid – the thyroid tissue acquires a proper structure, nodules disappear;
  7. Thanks to its clinically appropriate, multi-ingredient composition, it has a few points of application in the human body and, as a result, exhibits a broad spectrum of therapeutic activity (thyrotropic and gonadotropic).

One characteristic feature of thyroid diseases is that they can exist for years without causing overt symptoms. Yet these diseases are not just a disorder, they are often responsible for a cardinal change in the function of the body’s hormonal systems. Nevertheless treatment with ENDONORM® does not have to be lifelong. In most cases, the clinical picture improves as early as after the second course of treatment.

Optimal dosages and therapeutic regimens for ENDONORM® are selected on the basis of the diagnosis, thyroid status, and duration of disease more...

Whereas a “thyroid diagnosis” used to adjudge to lifelong hormonal therapy or excruciating surgery before, there is a real alternative now which is ENDONORM®!

ENDONORM® – a new non-hormonal preparation to recover thyroid function!

The product has been certified.