Use of ENDONORM® when treating Hypothyroidism
Endocrinology program

Supervisor of studies: Mishagin V.A., MD, Prof.
Specialist in charge of the section: Akhkunbekova N.K., Senior research associate, Ph.D. in medicine


Hypothyroidism is a state conditioned by a long-lasting stable deficiency of thyroid hormones, encountered (according to WHO) in 19 of every 1000 women and in 1 of every 1000 men. Despite its prevalence, hypothyroidism can long remain undiscovered. This is partially due to the fact that this abnormality has a gradual onset and nonspecific symptoms which initially are considered to be the result of defatigation, other diseases, and pregnancy. In typical cases patients describe their condition as asthenia. All metabolic processes in the body slow down in patients with hypothyroidism. In response to thyroid hormones deficiency, energy is produced with less intensity, which leads to temperature decrease and chilling. Another presentation of subclinical hypothyroidism can be liability to frequent infections, which is due to the lack of stimulating effect of thyroid hormones on the immune system. Often enough, hypothyroidism can result in sterility.

In 99% of cases, hypothyroidism is a result of affection of the thyroid gland itself. Thyroid gland disorders which can cause hypothyroidism are hypothyrosis (goiter), thyroadenitis, nodular and multinodular goiter. Hypothyroidism can also result from thyroid resection, radiation injury of thyroid gland, and thyrostatic therapy.

By now there’s only one treatment known so far – thyroid hormones replacement therapy (L-thyroxine, euthyrox, thyreotom etc.), which is to be received for life. All efforts to stimulate thyroid hormones production have been ineffective. However, in the 19th century thyroid gland disorders used to be treated with cinquefoil tincture. Based on this, we started treating hypothyroidism with ENDONORM® which contains cinquefoil extract. Beside cinquefoil, ENDONORM® contains extracts of bur beggar-ticks, licorice, laminaria pulvis, which have anti-inflammatory effect and eliminate iodine deficiency. More details


 Of investigation
Potential of treatment of nodular and multinodular goiter with ENDONORM®.
«Endocrinology» program

Supervisor of studies: Doctor of Medicine, professor Mishagin V.A.
Executive in charge of the section, Senior research associate, Ph.D. in medical sciences Akhkunbekova N.K.


 Nodular goiter is a collective clinical term denoting space-occupying lesions of thyroid gland differing in morphology, detected by various modern diagnostic methods. The main one among them is ultrasound investigation. The term «multinodular goiter» applies to cases where two or more nodes are detected in the thyroid gland. The term «multinodular goiter» (1) comprises a number of the most common and frequent morphological forms of goiter. In cases of autoimmune thyroidites (Hashimoto's thyroidites) and subacute thyroiditis (de Quervain's thyroiditis), formation of the so-called pseudonodes is common (2). In addition, ganglial changes may occur based on the preexistent node. Multinodular goiter can occur in cases of morphologically different thyroid gland diseases such as adenoma, colloid goiter and others (3). Nodular goiter is one of the most frequently encountered abnormalities of thyroid gland (Table 1). The most common among them is nodular colloid proliferative goiter which is not a tumor. However, it is a popular belief among most endocrinologists up to now that such nodes are to be treated with thyroid hormone preparations, which is totally wrong. Prescribing thyroxine preparations for treatment of this abnormality has not been justified up until now, and clinical efficacy of thyroidal preparations hasn't been confirmed by any research work (4). It is noteworthy that, even from the psychological point of view, nodular goiter is constantly annoying a patient, this state can be classified as «constant stress». This results in complaints of malaise which shows itself in asthenia, occasional heart hurry, insomnia or sleepiness, apprehension, pressure in the neck area and so on. More details