In 2007 Russian scientists have developed ENDONORM® – novel, all-natural thyrotrophic product unparalleled in the pharmaceutical market. Fundamental distinction ENDONORM® of from all modern products and methods intended for therapy of thyroid diseases is that it eliminates the ultimate causes of abnormalities. ENDONORM® directly restores functional activity and morphological structure of the thyroid gland tissue. This results in recovery of hormonal level and disappearance of abnormal alterations.
ENDONORM® is recommended to be used for various thyroid abnormalities, such as hypothyroidism, autoimmune thyroiditis (Hashimoto disease), euthyroid goiter (diffused, nodular/multinodular).
In this section you will find the description of ENDONORM®, its composition and information about active ingredients.

Information for the specialists

This Section is intended for the medical profession (physicians, pharmacists, medical students). You will find here the information on clinical trials (pharmacological studies) with ENDONORM®.
In addition, in this Section will learn why respective ingredients (Potentilla alba L. etc.) and certain dosages were selected when the product was created. Furthermore, you will find here clinical examples and therapeutic regimens, information on gender and age groups of the patients.
This Section provides information about the product efficacy for the therapy of the thyroid diseases such as hypothyroidism (hypofunction), hyperthyroidism (hyperfunction, thyrotoxicosis), nodular and multinodular euthyroid goiter, and autoimmune thyroiditis. Furthermore, you will find information giving insight to the high efficacy of the product for the therapy of menopausal syndrome and for prevention of thyroid diseases.

Thyroid gland

In this Section you will find the most complete information about endocrine organ thyroid gland.
You will get answers to the questions: What is thyroid gland? What is its location and functions? Why does the body need thyroid hormones – thyroxin (ΠΆ4) and triiodothyronine (T3)? What is TSH and what is TSH concentration in health? Why does thyroid gland need iodine? The causes of thyroid abnormalities? The symptoms of thyroid diseases? What is goiter? The role of immunity in autoimmune thyroiditis? Hashimoto disease? Hypothyroidism (hypofunction) and therapy for this condition? What is Basedow-Graves disease? Why does thyrotoxicosis develop (hyperfunction of the theroid)? What is euthyroidism? Diffused alterations in thyroid tissue? The cause of thyroid nodes formation? Nodular or multinodular goiter? Therapy for thyroid adenoma? The danger of thyroid hyperplasia? The use of herbal medicinal products for thyroid gland therapy? Cinquefoil or ENDONORM® etc.?


The scientists of «Fitopanacea» have at their disposal the most comprehensive material of the plants exhibiting thyrotrophic activity (such as Potentilla alba L.) and the potential therapeutic use for the diseases of thyroid gland.
In addition, in this Section the materials on alternative therapeutic methods developed for thyroid diseases are set forth. Out official site discloses only some elements of this information because some materials (including studies of Potentilla alba L.) are protected by exclusive intellectual property rights.

Application Manual

The specific character of thyroid gland diseases lies in the fact that they can be developing for years without noticeable manifestation. In addition, they are accompanied not simply with distortions, but often with dramatic changes in the organism’s hormonal system’s activity. Application of ENDONORM® does not imply life-long application of this remedy. As a rule, improvement of clinical findings is noticed after the second treatment course. Optimal doses and application schemes are selected depending on the diagnosis, thyroid gland condition and disease duration.

 Questions (F.A.Q.)

Dear visitors!
In this Section you will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about ENDONORM® and the use of this product in the therapy of thyroid diseases. In addition, you will find here the comments of the patients and learn interesting information about the plant cinquefoil (Potentilla alba L.) – the principal ingredient of ENDONORM®.
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